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        The CASNN was established on July 10, 2015 by a group of distinguished scientists in China and US. The primary objectives and purposes of this society are to advocate and encourage scientific exchange in research and development, to facilitate and foster professional contact among its members, and to promote and advance international communication and interaction in nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology and related sciences. The first CASNN Annual Meeting (chaired by Dr. Xiaoyuan Chen at NIH, USA and Dr. Xingyu Jiang at The National Center for Nanoscience and Technology of China) was hold in Beijing in 2016 and had been very successful.

        The second CASNN annual meeting will be held at the Garden Hotel Suzhou, China from July 29th-31st, 2017. We are expecting over 200 outstanding scientists to attend this international meeting. Apart from ~50 plenary / keynote / invited speakers from China and US, there will be two special sessions:

        - Translational nanomedicine session: We will invite several leading figures from both academic and industrial fields with successful experiences in translational nanomedicine to lead discussions in this session.

        - Future scientist session: Selected outstanding post-docs or senior PhD students will orally present their research in this session. Accompany with the abstract, a short one-page CV is also needed for abstract submission to this session. Due to limited spaces, those who are not selected can present their research in the poster session.

        We warmly welcome contributed abstract submissions to the ‘Future scientist session’ and the ‘Poster session’.

Co-Chair: Zhuang Liu,

Ph.D., Professor

Institute of Functional Nano & Soft Materials (FUNSOM) Soochow University

199 Ren-Ai Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China 



Co-Chair: Jianjun Cheng,

Ph.D., Professor

Hans Thurnauer Professor of Materials Science and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

1304 West Green Street, Urbana, Illinois, 61801, USA

FUNSOM Guest Profession of Soochow University, China

E-mail: jianjunc@illinois.edu